SIPOTEH, d.o.o.,
Partizanska 78,
3320 Velenje
T: + 386/3 899 64 19
E: info@sipoteh.si

Technological equipment
Our company manufactures machines and devices in the field of conveyors (lamella, rubber, strip, cylinder, tubular and chain conveyors) and manipulators (serial production tools), other auxiliary tools for serial production, console and bridge lifts, proportioning and turning devices.

Mining equipment
In terms of mining equipment production, we are qualified for the production of gutters of front and side conveyors, chain conveyors, components of hydraulic supports, large conveyors for transporting coal, equipment and material transport units, equipment for hanging transport and devices for transporting persons in mines.

Complex welded elements
This part of our production includes the products that require quality certificates (EN 3834 part 2) and certified welding personnel (appropriate number of tested welders, quality controllers and welding engineers). Special preparations and production devices are also necessary. Sipoteh has qualified personnel for making welded elements and constructions made of alloy steels. Our production process is organised in accordance with modern approaches, which helps us achieve a high level of quality and timely supply.

Sorting lines
For waste management needs we produce sorting lines for the separation of waste. The main clients ordering such lines are waste processing companies.

General constructions
We also produce the most demanding building constructions, steel frames of buildings and production halls and other constructions in accordance with the ES production control certificate EN 1090 1:2009; EN 1090-1:2009/AC :2010 for construction elements up to the EXC 3 class.